from a reader
March 24th 2014 book came out in 2011, and it's now 2014....OK Tragedy was really really well done and must have been a b!%$@# to write, and your readers are grateful you did, but still... vacation's over! time for a new book! get to work!

from Julie Lofquist
November 27th 2013

Wow! This was a tremendous book. I loved every minute of it. I really enjoyed how the characters unfolded. Any book that can both make me laugh out loud and pause to reread the beauty and poignancy of a single line is pretty impressive. Thank you, Mr. Phillips, for sharing your gift with us. This is the first Arthur Phillips' book I have read. Any suggestions for which should be the second?

from Dana Henson
March 19th 2012

I loved the book. I was mad about having to read the play, but I enjoyed it, and I even tried to imagine what the "Shakespeare experts" were thinking when they got to certain parts. Obviously, I was hooked.

from George Howard
February 29th 2012

Brilliant book –you’re a genius. Huge fan since The Egyptologist came out. I read Prague immediately after finishing it and was hooked; I await every book now. Enjoyed your reading in D.C. last week. I was awestruck, dumbfounded and tongue-tied to meet someone I admire so much. I hope you’ll read in Richmond; you have fans here. Appreciated the Jeopardy! advice, too—I’ll owe you if I get on the show and win.

from mary starke
July 18th 2011

What a great read! I've enjoyed all your books and this is the best so far. Great characterizations (Dad, Petra). Thanks so much.

from Jack
July 8th 2011

Thanks for this wonderful book, rewarding on so many levels. I bought it after hearing you deliver Mordred's soliloquy on NPR's Studio 360 and thinking to myself that, joke or not, I would absolutely have used that as an audition piece back in my acting days. My next-door neighbor is an established Arthurian legend scholar--I bought him a copy and have my ear cupped now awaiting the sound of his head exploding. And I hope your readers don't skip the footnotes!

from Joe Stern
July 3rd 2011

I loved the book. I appreciate what it has to say about authenticity, and the relationship between the brand and the experience, plus that it was so funny and emotionally resonant, and finally that someone else feels the way I do about Shakespeare. You know this is true because I didn't read past the introduction.

from Kim
June 30th 2011

Loved the book! Genius!!! Where are all the other comments?! Nothing since March?! Impossible!!!

from Nancy
March 25th 2011

Counting the days until this book is in my hands.

from Beth H
March 24th 2011

Looking forward to reading this one... Thanks for sharing, Arthur!