* David Crystal, Shakespeare linguist and brilliant fellow

* Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London

* A conversation with James Shapiro, Shakespeare scholar and author of The Year of Lear.

* Shakespeare's Words (glossary and searchable works)

* The Shakespeare Clinic and Stylometry

* Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust

* The Folger Library

* Answers to the question Who Wrote Shakespeare's Works?

* Documents of Shakespeare's life

* An interview about the book with Publishers Weekly

* Shakespeare theater companies and festivals in the US

* The extraordinary Guerrilla Shakespeare Project

* And photos of their stage adaptation of The Tragedy of Arthur

* The mind-blowing Hobart Shakespeareans


The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (RSC/Modern Library Edition)

1599 by James Shapiro

Pronouncing Shakespeare by David Crystal

Shakespeare on Toast by Ben Crystal

Shakespeare: The World as Stage by Bill Bryson

Contested Will by James Shapiro

Think on My Words by David Crystal

Prefaces to Shakesepeare by Tony Tanner

Shakespeare, Co-Author by Brian Vickers

Shakespeare in Fact by Irving Matus