from Linda
December 7th 2010

I just finished your book, Angelica. It's a masterpiece! I am suggesting to everyone I know that they read it. I believe it would do many people more good to read than 20 years worth of therapy!! It's the best portrayal of the comlexity of humnan nature ever and it backs up one of my basic beliefs- that we are all "islands."

from Naama
November 25th 2009

My first book of you... picked up but for the gods of intuition on Halloween in Skylight Books (where I'll be watching you read on March 31st in rapt, reverential attention and gratitude) after not having read a novel (I'd recently relocated to LA, after all) in a year, shying from something "substantial," soul needing something SUBSTANTIAL, and wanting to honor All Hallow's Eve, I found this incredible book, which I ravaged in two days, finally turning off the tv. The day I finished it I went back to buy Prague. I can think of no other author I trust...

from amy shearn
November 21st 2008

Hi Arthur! Just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading with you last night at Spoken Interludes. Can't wait to dig into Angelica some cold and cozy winter night soon. And I look forward to The Song Is You -- the excerpt you read was terrific! -Amy

from michael
November 12th 2008

an email i sent to the agency earlier today (i was referred to this guestbook): I just finished reading ANGELICA by Arthur Phillips and wanted to dash off a note to him telling him how much I enjoyed it. The book was a gift as well as a surprise--I recall reading PRAGUE several years ago and being floored but didn't know he had published several books in the meantime. Now I definitely have to pick up THE EGYPTOLOGIST and v. much look forward to his new novel.

from Benjamin Bumpers
January 22nd 2008

O.k. By now I would say that I may have read everything Mr. Phillips has published and attended a reading of Angelica my last year studying. Hands down, he is my favorite author and I am waiting on more. BTW, the ending to Angelica was probably one of the best yet outside of The Egyptologist.

from lauren
September 3rd 2007

I am listening to Angelica on tape. It's my first work by you--or so I thought, until I realized that the meditation on dogs that I'd forwarded to friends was also by you--what a breadth of understanding both the novel and the essay represent!--my congratulations.

from cheryl
July 26th 2007

hello. when i saw "angelica" in my library & your name as the author i gasped with joy! i knew i would be entranced in a good story, & i wasnt't disappointed. delicious reading!!! thank you.

from Anna Goren
June 26th 2007

Dear Mr. Phillips, Up until last Friday night, I had never heard the name Arthur Phillips, and I have yet to read any of your novels, though after last week I look forward to doing so. I am writing here about your essay in the New York Times, which after reading one week ago still remains fresh in my mind and my heart. We were at the shabbat table and I was eager for dinner to be over so I could go over to see a friend, as my dad shouted "wait, there is something I've been saving for you". My dad always has something to read to us at the shabbat table--some lengthy Jewish parable or corny joke--but he brought out a clip from the Times entitled "My Dog Days". My dad has a way of storytelling that truly did your essay justice, and left me, my mom and teenage brother weeping over our roast chicken. More poignant still, was the image of my middle-aged father, putty at the sight of our late lemon beagle, Sarah, and our new beagle puppy, Gus. A large man, his sausage-like fingers, that he so affectionately lends to our puppy to gnaw on day and night, were covered in tears as he clutched the Times, softly telling us about your "dog days" that we all know too well. You captured so beautifully, down to every last detail, the joy we had from our sweet dog who died too early from cancer. When she died, we all said, "we'll never get another beagle". Too many carpets stained, couches ripped, challah's eaten off the table, pairs of socks singled and yes, bull-penis chews around the house. When the time came, we couldn't imagine any other dog, despite the funny things they do--and now I know I will also look back on my teenage years within the context of our dogs. I know I will look back on our first beagle who brought our family together, and that moment at the table did as well. Thank you for such a great piece. Sincerely, Anna Goren Seattle, WA

from Dr. Cathy Ezrailson
June 10th 2007

This message is about Mr. Phillips op-ed piece in the NY Times on June 10th 2007. I couldn't find a way to respond, after I read your article "Dog Days." So I am posting it here. You touched my heart with that poignant story about your first beagle. We lost our first beagle (a gift to my boyfriend) just last October and the wounds are still fresh. As I read your piece, first with joy and then with the overwhelming sense of loss we both felt at having to end the pain of our beloved friends, I cried my eyes out (while throwing a ball for my new puppy who had no idea why I was crying). Our puppy has helped assuage the pain but thankfully never the memory of our dear Darwin. Not ready but here she came: we rescued 4 week old Harriette from the roadside where she faced imminent death. There is something full circle about that. And, still a puppy at 5 months she is bitey and loving and full of life. Thank you for your beautifully written memory. It too and salves our loss. Cathy

from Dean Hamilton
May 11th 2007

Arthur, I really enjoyed your presentation and reading last night at the Sacramento Bee Book Club sponsered event. I was the guy that asked the last question about getting your book published. I purchased Angelica immediately after and spent the remainder of the evening reading it. You are a true craftsman of words. There are good stories and then there is superlative writing; it's wonderful when the two come together. Congratulations. Dean Hamilton

from sue falco
April 26th 2007

Arthur All that I can say is that I finished the amazing extraordinary book "Angelica" this morning. Arthur. You are truly a GENIUS and master. I was transported back to english lit. class..and felt like I was reading an old master's work. I have never read anything so complex, witty, and thought provoking ever in my life. Complicated and simple, dark and witty,with every word perfectly placed and crafted. I will never forget it!!!!! You should be proud of this accomplishment!!! See you soon, Love and congratulations! Sue Falco :)

from David Hawkins`
April 25th 2007

Are you going to stop by the Joseph-Beth bookstore during the tour of Angelica's paperback edition?

from Adam Tarter
April 14th 2007

I nearly ran to the book store when I learned that Arthur Phillips had finally released his third novel. As we've all come to expect from his work, Angelica keeps you captivated from beginning to end. The book is told from 4 different view points, and leaves it to the reader what really takes place throughout. Raises more questions than answers, and certainly applies to family situations of modern day. Don't hesitate to read!!

from Dan Wickett
April 12th 2007

It was great meeting you last night, Arthur. And I think the reading of random sections with Q&A in between is a great way to break things up.

from Susan H. Gross
April 4th 2007

Arthur, both Bert and I are eager to read your newest book. I grew up with a ghost in our attic so am a believer. So exciting to have your third book on our shelf! And we understand there was a marvelous review in the Washington Post.

from Lisa Phillips
April 3rd 2007

I am looking forward to reading your new book. I loved Prauge. Also, I wanted to thank you for your review of "The Rebels." Sandor Marai is my Grandfather. I read it online, I didn't find out about it until yesterday. My son and I drove all around last night trying to find a copy. They were already out of the stores. O enjoyed it very much.

from Kathy Millard
April 1st 2007

Prague is my favourite book in the world. (It was stolen twice-the second time in Canada by a visditing professor of English and American studies from Debrecen. I will reclaim it in Hungary at the end of this month.) I look forward to your new work. Are you coming to Toronto? Kathy Millard.

from Eva Neroth
March 25th 2007

Looking foreward to read Angelica! When are you going to include Sweden in your tour??

from George Muhoray
March 24th 2007

Szia Artur! Congratulations! I can't wait to start reading Angelica and look forward to your tour stop in Boston. I'm certain we can find a good "palinka" in Cambridge with which to toast your latest success. George

from Cynthia Spikell
March 24th 2007

Congratulations! But I do not see Cleveland on the list. If you do get a reading here, please let me know. Perhaps "Book Notes" will tape you at one of the stops, though I think they concentrate on non-fiction.

from Peter Bebergal
March 24th 2007

Arthur, Congratulations on your third book. I am eager to read it. Please email me. I would love to catch up. Peter

from fred pfisterer
March 24th 2007

As a rabid fan of his first two books, I am really excited about his third. Reading the synopsis and reviews whet my appetite even more. Thank you.

from ASP
March 20th 2007

congratulations! We look forward to another wonderful book, and if your tour brings you here, please let us know.

from Michael Patrick Rutter
March 6th 2007

Hi Arthur, Congrats on # 3! If you do a reading in Boston, we'll be there! All our best, Amy & Michael